About the contests

The global pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus aka COVID19 has brought our known world to almost a stand-still. Most face-to-face, in person activities e.g. teaching-learning etc have been identified as high risk activities with a very potential to further spread the contagion. And yet within the local and global lockdowns and emergent social distancing norms, we the human race, must find ways not only to survive, but also to adapt and overcome the handicaps imposed by the "New Normal".

Wherever in-person classes and academic activities are proving difficult, we must find new ways to encourage and engage our learner communities aka our students. With this in mind, the post-graduate Geography Department at Chandernagore Government College is organising a series of online contests, to generate and garner interest amongst students about online learning activities with a series of fun and creative activities like quiz contest, thematic sketching contest, photography captioning contest and essay writing contest.

How to participate

you have to first register yourself by filling up the registration form. During the registration process you will need to provide the contest specific six character Enrolment Key. You can choose to compete in just one or some or all the contests.

Click on this button to register for the Geography Quiz Contest using the CGCGQC enrolment key.

Click on this button to register for the Photo Caption Contest using the CGCPCC enrolment key.

Click on this button to register for the Caption-based Sketching Contest using the CGCCBC enrolment key.

Click on this button to register for the Essay Writing Contest using the CGCEWC enrolment key.

NOTE : If you wish to participate in more than one contest, you need to register only once, however you will need to enroll yourself in the other contest by using that contest's specific enrolment key.

In case of any difficulty in registering yourself for a contest you can join the "CGC Contest Support" WhatsApp Group by clicking this link on your phone. Remember, join the group ***only*** if you need help to register.

About the college

Chandernagore College established in 1862 and re-established in 1931, is a Constituent College of the University of Burdwan. Chandernagore College is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) under Section 2(f)1956 and Section 12(B) 1972. The distinguished faculty members of this institution hails from the prestigious West Bengal Educational Service Cadre. The College was evaluated by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) in 2007 and was awarded ‘B++’ rank. In 2016 the College was re-accredited by NAAC with the same grade but with an improved overall score. At present, the College offers Courses ( both Honours and General) in all major subjects in Language, Social Science, Science and Commerce streams, including Post Graduate Courses in Bengali, Geography and French.


  • Essay has to be submitted based on "Any one" topic from the entire list of options and separarte options are given for UG and PG students.
  • The candidates will have to get at least 30% marks in his/her composition to receive the certificates of participation and special rank-certificates will be provided separately for the top 3 exceptional writings.
  • All the students of Honours and General and Postgraduate Classes (Any Subject) will be the target participants for the competition
  • A single-entry for each willing participant will be entertained
  • The essay will have to be composed by a single author and no essay written in co-authorship will be accepted for evaluation by the judges
  • The writings should reflect originality of the candidate and if any type of plagiarism (above 20%) gets revealed during the evaluation process, then the entire composition will stand rejected.
  • Candidates can upload their academic inputs from any source-folder of the system but the writing should be typed originally in Times New Roman (from MS Office) with a 12 point indent. For the Title, they may use 14 font-size. In Bengali composition,the font sizes will remain the same but use of Avro-keyboard will be mandatory.
  • Line-spacing will be 1 strictly, throughout the entire writing
  • Total Word-limit is 1000 maximum and that will include the body of the essay only. Title, name of the candidate along with his/her affiliation as a student from a particular College/University, will not be counted in it.
  • Entries should be in either English or Bengali. For composing the write-ups in Bengali, the participants are asked to follow the instructions already extended. Students may emphasize on proper citation and referencing before the final-submission (if they wish) but in that case, APA style of referencing will be accepted only.
  • For composition either in Bengali or in English, the topic will be the same and there is no need to translate the topic of essay in Bengali, before starting someone's writing.
  • Third person and first person both may be used by the contestants in their write-ups.
  • Each and every entry for essay- competition should contain the title (as written in the option-list),unique serial number of the essay, name of the author, his/her academic standard, name of his/her academic institution and personal Email id alongwith personal Mobile/Whatsapp Number.
  • No participation Fee will be charged from the candidates who are willing to take part but they are asked to register in the portal with all their marginal details like name, class, institution, Gender etc.
  • While filling the electronic registration form, the candidates will have to be extremely atert throughout because any spelling-mistake during entries may be reflected in the certificate provided to them after the event. Once issued the certificate, no request from the end of participants will be entertained regarding the correction of spelling in that Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Participation Certificates will be sent to the contestants after 5 days from the final closure of the competition-portal. Certificates will be dispatched to the personal email ids of the participants and therefore if the email id gets entered wrongly during the registration, then definitely the candidate will not receive his/her certificate.
  • Top rankers in the essay competition will receive Special Certificates of Appreciation from the end of the organisers but that may take 8 to 10 days to issue finally, because all the judges will have to reach to a unanimous decision for selecting the exceptional writings.
  • No registration-fees will be required for uploading/Submission of the Essay.
  • Judges will put thrust on innovative thought process, lucidity of language, proper punctuation marks, grammatical flawlessness, optimum vocabulary and overall presentation, for the final judgement of the essays.
  • Decision of the judges for selecting the top-rankers in essay competition will be the final and no request for re-consideration of the same, will be entertained at all.


01. Waste Not, Want Not


02. Issues and Challenges associated with Present Pandemic


03. Biodiversity Loss- A Matter of Serious Concern


04. Earth as a Lonely Planet


05. Time to Think for Nature - Contextualisation in Current Context


001. Popular Global Culture amidst 21st Century


002. Survival and Resistance- Global Perspectives


003. Offshore Services in India- Problems and Prospects 


004. Sustainable Resource Management-A need of Hours


005. Academia of Creativity and Imagination - An unexplored Horizon

About the contest

Candidates will be given maximum 20 marks for each photo-captioning and total 100 marks maximum cumulatively for adding captions to all the 05 photographs. Captions will be judged based on relevance,originality, grammatical correctness and the overall impact of the captions. All decisions taken by the judging-panel are final. No registration fees will be required for taking part in this contest but proper registration with correct, name, gender, affiliation etc is a must for all and the entries done by the candidates will be reflected in their certificates. This competition is also open to all and any willing person can take part in it. More detailed contest rules are available for registered participants.


  • Candidates are to upload the scanned and JPEG*/PDF* version of their hand-drawn pictures/drawings/sketches only and no digital drawing will be accepted by the judges during the judgement-process. Candidates may apply any type of colours to their drawings and only pencil-sketches will also be accepted as entries by the contestants. PDF*/JPEG*-conversion is a must for all the entries and during conversion of that file-format, the candidates are asked to save their drawings with at least 300 dpi values. Submission of only one sketch/drawing is required from the ends of the willing artists. This competition is open for all the willing persons and any artist can join the programme with his/her original drawing.
  • Drawings should reflect a particular focal theme given already in the option-list and thus mentioning proper theme (to be selected from the options provided) is a must. Without that title, no entry will be adjudicated by the panel of judges.
  • All the particicipants (getting 30% at least) will receive the certificates of participation within 5 days from the completion of the programme.
  • No registration fee is required for participation but proper registration before participation will be must for each and everyone.
  • Entries done by the willing candidates during their registration will be fully reflected in their certificates and no further request will be accpted from the contestants for changing the details in the certificate, once it gets issued finally.
  • Top three participants will get special Certificates of Appreciation from 8 to 10 days of the completion of the programme.
  • Drawings may reflect absolute innovation or imagination of the artists but the final submissions will have to be somehow related to any of the themes to be taken/chosen from the option-list. A submission that is in no way related to any of the topics fixed for the competiotion, won't be credited ultimately by the judges.
  • Candidates are asked to upload their pictures drawn in A4 pages only.
  • Each and every drawing should have a distinct border around and the title of the drawing should be clearly written at the top of the uppermost margin.
  • Pictures may be drawn either in landscape or in portrait orientation within an A4 white page.


1A. Green Earth the Peaceful Abode for all


2B. Environmental Pollution all Around the World


3C. Deforestation denoting the end of Human Civilization


4D. Keep your locality free from Plastic


5E. Covid-19 Pandemic- A severe threat to Mankind

  • Attempt all the questions before final submission.
  • Formal Registration through the link provided, is mandatory to all the willing contestants.
  • While entering name, standard, gender, Name of the Institution etc, the candidate will have to be very careful because the marginal details furnished by them, will be reflected ditto in the certificate of appreciation/participation.
  • All the participants will have to click on the quiz-link and attempt all the questions within the stipulated time and after the scheduled time for quizzing gets over, the link will stand totally defunct.
  • Electronic certificate of participation will be provided to those people only who will score at least 30%.
  • Certificates will be despatched in the registered email ids of the contestants within 5 days from the closure of the event.
  • No further request for changing the spellings in name, Institution etc in the certificate will be entertained after the final issuance of the same from the ends of the organisers.
  • No registration fee will be asked for participation in the quiz contest.
  • Quiz Competition will be open to all and any interested person can take part in that funful event.
  • There will be no special certificate of merit in the quiz-programme for the top-rankers.